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Company Profile

Company Profile

U-TEK Company was established since 1996. We have been focused on the solution of the R & D and sales of
anti-electromagnetic interference. At the same time, we also continued innovation, and efforts to respond to the suggestions and needs of all customers, on this basis, and soon become the leading supplier of EMI solutions in Taiwan.

U-TEK EMI CORP. will continue to promote, support and meet the requirements of customers in order to provide
the best products and more effective solutions. U-TEK EMI CORP. will also provide the most advanced technology, a wider range of EMI / RFI shielding parts. These products will be designed to provide all of EMI / ESD and RFI solutions requirements.

Quality Policy

  1. Full of originality, corresponding to the needs of electromagnetic noise countermeasures product, improve customer satisfaction as the goal

  2. Build the ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System Requirements, and the effectiveness of continuous improvement

  3. Set quality objectives, notifies the expansion, implementation, and constantly reviewing and improving continuous improvement to enhance the company's quality management system implementation plan for all staff

Environmental Policy

  1. Compliance with environmental and other standards of request the agreement, if necessary, to respond to set the self-management standards, management would give the environmental impact of something

  2. Set environmental objectives, goals, implement at the same time, regular operation of the environmental protection system and continue to improve and prevent pollution, but also actively committed to following the reduction of the environmental burden
    A. conserves electricity activities
    B. Resource-saving activities
    C. Waste reduction and the ability to distinguish promote activities
    D. Waste recycling activities in promoting

  3. We must prove to the customer. Any product, components, units, or other items ( Including accessories, packaging materials and other procurement company ) does not contain any harmful substances specified ( including customer specified in the green direction ) sales to all customers