Company Profile

U-TEK EMI CORP. has been established since 1996. We have been focusing on developing and selling solutions for electromagnetic interference protection. At the same time, we continue to innovate and strive to respond to the advice and needs of all our customers. On this basis, it soon became the leading supplier of Taiwan's EMI solutions.

With the progression of electronic technologies, components in complex systems have become increasingly sensitive to electromagnetic interference. Because of this utilizing EMI shielding methods and materials is crucial to the safety, reliable, and long-lasting functioning of all electronics. Therefore, our production process and quality inspection of the products, it is trusted by our customers.

The product design of U-TEK company all EMI / ESD and RFI shielding and protection requirements can be effectively provided. And can solve the EMI shielding needs of different frequency bands. U-TEK company will continue to support and meet customer requirements and provide the best products and more effective EMI solutions. And provide customized needs from all customer.

Our products can be widely used in consumer electronics (such as smart phones, laptops, panels, network communications and navigation systems), industrial computer products, medical equipment, car electronic systems and aerospace Industry and other related industries. (Including all of electronic products.

Quality And Environmental Policy

Quality Policy
  1. Full of originality, corresponding to the needs of electromagnetic noise countermeasures product, improve customer satisfaction as the goal
  2. Build the ISO9001-2015 Quality Management System Requirements, and the effectiveness of continuous improvement
  3. Set quality objectives, notifies the expansion, implementation, and constantly reviewing and improving continuous improvement to enhance the company's quality management system implementation plan for all staff

Environmental Policy
  1. Compliance with environmental and other standards of request the agreement, if necessary, to respond to set the self-management standards, management would give the environmental impact of something
  2. Set environmental objectives, goals, implement at the same time, regular operation of the environmental protection system and continue to improve and prevent pollution, but also actively committed to following the reduction of the environmental burden
    A. conserves electricity activities
    B. Resource-saving activities
    C. Waste reduction and the ability to distinguish promote activities
    D. Waste recycling activities in promoting
  3. We must prove to the customer. Any product, components, units, or other items (Including accessories, packaging materials and other procurement company) does not contain any harmful substances specified (including customer specified in the green direction) sales to all customers

PCN And EOL Policy

Product Change Notice Policy (PCN Policy)
U-TEK EMI CORP. will endeavor to notify customers of any substantial changes that may affect the manufacturing or sale of products, including but not limited to appearance, dimensions, quality certifications, functions, features, and reliability/durability indicators. Prior to implementing such changes or modifications, we will do its utmost to issue a PCN to customers in accordance with the following guidelines. The PCN will include the following information:
  1. Product part numbers for affected items
  2. Reasons for change and description of change
  3. Replacement product recommendations
  4. Date product change will take effect, product final purchase date, product final ship date
  5. We will issue the PCN two months in advance if changes relate to the item shape.
  6. If the product is redesigned, we will issue the PCN three months in advance.
  7. If it involves a shortage of key raw materials. PCN will be issued two months in advance After a PCN has been issues, all customer final purchase orders must be fulfilled within three months
  8. U-TEK EMI CORP reserves the right to modify, add, or remove products at any time in keeping with specific terms and conditions of sale and in the event of changes being required due to factors beyond U-TEK EMI CORP control (natural causes, government regulations, etc.)

End-of-Life Policy (EOL Policy)
U-TEK EMI CORP. Provide the most advanced, optimized and industry-leading products that can be produced to customers. In order to best perform this duty, it may be necessary to discontinue old products so that resources can be best used for more relevant and beneficial solutions. After deciding to retire the product, EOL notice will be issued to customers. EOL will include the following information:
  1. Affected product part number
  2. Reasons for the decision to stop production
  3. Alternative product recommendations
  4. Plan the end of sales of the affected products, the final purchase date and the final delivery date
  5. Warranty terms and details
  6. If the product is redesigned, availability is reduced or key components are short, EOL will be released three months in advance.
  7. We will do our best to maintain spare parts service within three months after EOL, regardless of warranty status.
  8. The existing warranty for up to six months after EOL will remain unchanged.
  9. All final purchase orders for EOL products must be completed within four months.
  10. U-TEK EMI CORP. Reserve the right to change the final purchase date and final delivery date Regardless of the above EOL guidelines, specific terms and conditions of sale or other factors should be complied with control. (Natural reasons, government regulations, etc.)