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Conflict mine policy (Conflict Minerals policies) – 3TG


Conflict mine policy (Conflict Minerals policies) – 3TG

Our company promises:
1, in the supply of "conflict minerals", support the purposes and objectives of the United States legislation, as well as customer requirements.
2, Not intentionally purchased from the source of "conflict zone" and is not certified as "conflict-free".
3, Ensure that these requirements are met and that our suppliers and their supply chains are required to take reasonable due diligence to ensure that the specified metals originate only from:
• Mines and smelters outside the conflict area, or
• "conflict zones" but have passed independent third-party certified "no conflict" mines and smelters. Investigative responsibilities include the provision of written records of 3TG materials (Tin Tin, tan tantalum, tungsten tungsten, gold) used by the supplier to produce the products or parts of the NORM company and to review it the source is from "conflict area", or "conflict area" has obtained third party certification "No conflict" mine and smelting plant. The purpose is to ensure that the company purchased is "no conflict" material and parts.
If the minerals are found to be "non-conflict-free", the company will take appropriate action to transition the product to the "no conflict" status

U-TEK EMI CORP. 2014-04-10

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