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Conductive Aluminum Foil Tape Series
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Product Name : Conductive Aluminum Foil Tape Series

Product Description

Select the conductive aluminum foil tape excellent application performance, the need to include a conductive foil tape type and thickness, adhesion, surface resistance, contact resistance, smooth application surface, EMI / RFI signal attenuation and the shielding effect.
For EMI / RFI shielding Aluminum foil tape, standard shielding effectiveness of 60dB to70dB (10 kHz to 20 GHz) range
It is very important, conductive aluminum foil tape is cheaper than others conductive and EMI shielding tape.
Product Benefits
Product Features
  • Conductive aluminum foil tape (RoHS compliant)
  • Conductive aluminum foil tape adhesion with the conductive adhesive can produce a very superior grounding function.
  • Conductive aluminum foil tape also provides superior conductivity and adhesion. Conductive aluminum foil tape used in electrical and electronic products, EMI / RFI shielding, there is a very low impedance function.
  • Conductive aluminum foil tape surface is coated with a layer of anti-oxidation layer, there will be no surface oxidation phenomena, does not affect the original functions and features.
  • Conductive aluminum foil tape can be passing the N2 Re-flow with the PCB together, will not change color and maintain the original features and characteristics.
Product Application
  • Can mount enclosure for electronic products
  • Can be replaced by general plating
  • Can be used in EMI / RFI shielding of small electromagnetic components
  • Also has thermal conductivity
  • The most competitive prices
Part Name ( UCAT )
Conductive Aluminum Foil ( Layer-1 )
Conductive Adhesive Tape ( Layer-2 )
Release Liner ( Layer-3 )
Part Name ( CATN )
Transfer Release Liner ( Layer-1 )-P1
Conductive Adhesive Tape ( Layer-2 )-T1
Conductive Aluminum Foil ( Layer-3 )
Conductive Adhesive Tape ( Layer-4 )-T2
Release Liner ( Layer-5 )-P2
Product Code
UCAT 60 x 30 x 0.1t -1
〔1〕   〔2〕   〔3〕 〔4〕
〔1〕 Product No. : UCAT (Single Side Tape)
〔2〕 Size of die cut : Length x Width (mm)
〔3〕 Thickness of Product No. (mm)
〔4〕 Custom die-cutting
CATN 60 x 30 x 0.08t -1
〔1〕   〔2〕   〔3〕 〔4〕
〔1〕 Product No. : CATN (Double Side Tape)
〔2〕 Size of die cut : Length x Width (mm)
〔3〕 Thickness of Product No. (mm)
〔4〕 Custom die-cutting
UCAT SERIES ( Conductive Aluminum Foil Tape )
Physical Properties UCAT-0.03T UCAT-0.05T UCAT-0.08T UCAT-0.1T UCAT-0.15T UCAT-0.20T
thickness 0.03mm 0.05mm 0.08mm 0.1mm 0.15mm 0.2mm
Material Rolled Aluminum foil
Adhesive Type Conductive Acrylic Adhesive Tape
Adhesion >0.6 kgf >0.8 kgf >1.0 kgf >1.0 kgf >1.0 kgf >1.0 kgf
Surface Resistance <0.08Ω / ■
Contact Resistance <0.05Ω / ■
Service Temperature -30 ~ 105℃
Shielding Effective 70dB (AVG.) From 30MHz to 3GHz
Standard Size Width: 1000mm; Length: 50m
The above data is actual test value, not absolute value.
*Test Method
Thickness: Vernier caliper     Color: Visual / Color Card
Volume Resistance: ASTM D257    Peel 180° Adhesion : PSTC#1 / ASTM D3330
Shielding Effective (dB) : ASTM D4935-89 ( See below for example Figure )